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The Madness Within...

Photo of the Artist

Story of a Dark Artist

Two constants amalgamate in result of passion’s driving force: art and monstrosity. The amalgamation? An unyielding brainchild, ever growing, deviating, undying.

There is a place where masks can be removed, lying deep within us, where eyes gaze and the mind does not subject to the risk of opposition. I believe in the shiver of terror, the repose of beauty, and betwixt them a mysterious magic, a place for the courageous… Are you in the Beyond? A seeker, as I? Come, let us delve into the depths of Mysterium Tremendum...Emulsify into a visual documentary of deep-welled pathos and attentive living through painted charades of haunting imagery by figurative personification, mythos, occultism, and symbolism.

As an artist, I am not only the painter… I am the mad scientist, alchemist, occultist, and sorceress. I must dissect, grasp, diffuse, and release undertakings of proficiency, passion and sentiment, spontaneity and deliberation. Wouldst thou see in truth? Touch a feeling? Walk with me, deep into the dark woods, through the creeping fog, and see the breadth of voices from the Divine intermingled in the guiding moon’s grand performance of light and shadow… Hear whispers midst the darkness, chimes among the light. Lose thyself into worlds hidden within natural order… to worlds Beyond… worlds between in the humming grey.

During such a trek of communion, I have joyously found shared understanding and reinforcement from surprising strangers, kindred spirits, and prestigious institutions. With all, the shared experiences of connection, trust, and bold originality permeating within each of us has been an honor.

If you are like me, parallel to cryptic things hiding behind the curtain or quietly sitting alone amongst the roaring crowd of noise, then you know the importance of finding escape from the tedious race of force-fed ideals, artificial or mass-produced trends of construct, and emerge from the shadows at the slow pace of your own into the quiet candle-lit night of the witching hour. We are not defined so diminutively, my kindred… We are keepers of the keys, guardians and conservators of artistry… honoring our past, present in preservation of the future past to come. We, the catalytes, the voice of movement… of legacy.

Wilst thou Dare, dear Pathfinder?… To quester with me in such darings to find… divulge... interfuse through the ancient language that is to feel, sacredly set within the powerhouse of thy mind… Then let us succumb to dare… not only acknowledging the darkness, but to greet our old friend and question him… her… they. May we dare to accept our shadows and dress them in guises of faces, bodies, masks, full regalia. The invitation is open to thee, my friend, and so I dare thee, as I also dare… to meet thyself in the fearsome dark, acknowledge thyself in such a state of shadow, and dare to change… perspective… Dare to see the afeared beauty… Dare to hum with the grey in between. ...Dare with me.


Formidably Yours,


Education & Career


Jacksonville State University

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting Concentration

Magna Cum Laude

Professional training and hands-on experience in traditional methods utilizing the following mediums:  oil paint, watercolour, acrylic, graphite, charcoal, ink, clay, printmaking, and mixed media.


Oil Painters of America

2023, September

Art Gallery Exhibition, "ALARUM"


Art Collide,

"Beautiful Grotesque"

Associate Member

Gadsden Museum of Art

Gadsden, AL

Notable Entry,

"Hellequin I", oil on canvas

_Apparitions III, Sorrow's Wraith_





Wilst thou hearken to the Spirit of Art? To community?

Maladies of reverie via emails from me to thee...

no spam, no harm, no foul...

Only artistic musings to accompany artistic progression.

Thy company is received with great honor and appreciation.

Tis an honor to receive thy company.

With sincere gratitude,


Let’s Work Together

Ghastly Gilded

P.O. Box 411

Wellington, AL 36279

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With sincere gratitude,


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